The Best-Selling PS3 & 360 Games Of 2009 Are...Well, Disappointing

The best-selling Wii games of 2009 may be from the farthest recesses of history, but the PS3 and 360's respective charts aren't as fond of the past. That doesn't make them any less depressing, however.

While by this time last year we'd already seen mega-hits like Grand Theft Auto IV and Metal Gear Solid 4, each selling millions of copies, this year we've seen... well, not much. Only one game on either platform - Resident Evil 5 on 360 - has sold over a million units in the US. One! So sad.

Looking at these charts, collated from NPD data and published by Gamasutra, we'd say both Microsoft and Sony owe Capcom a big "thank you" for stopping sales from looking even worse.

Year-to-Date Top 5 Software [Gamasutra]


    You might need to check the Gamasutra link, UFC has also done over 1 mil in the US.

    I know they mention it...

    But its of a misnomer that COD:WAW is listed in X360 for 'January to June', even though it was released in 2008...

      The list is of top selling games for January to June. It doesn't matter when it was released, just how many copies it sold during those 6 months of this year.

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