The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall Goes Free

Bethesda Softworks is doing its fans a solid today by giving away one of its older games, the second in the Elder Scrolls series, on its web site. Enjoy The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall for the low price of absolutely free.

The only thing it'll cost you is 148 megabytes of hard drive space, a small price to pay for the game Johnny Wilson of Computer Gaming World once called "Revolutionary!"

The Elder Scrolls Downloads [ - thanks, Andrew!]


    Man... are those servers slow.

      Are they ever. I tried earlier today and was struggling at around 5kB/s until it inexplicably dropped out at 25% complete.

    This sounds like the perfect candidate for bittorrent. When will developers learn? They can still serve it at 5k/s off their server, but through a torrent, which would allow everyone else to share the load as well.

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