The First Valkyria Chronicles 2 Screens

While the game was announced earlier in the week in Japanese mag Famitsu, Valkyria Chronicle's website wasn't due to open until today. Now that it's open, we've got our first screens of the PSP sequel.


    Well, one thing's for certain. It'll have none of the visual charm the original had.

    It looks like they've certainly captured the style of the PS3 game nicely, it's a shame they didn't feel the sequel should hit the PS3, but then again, how can I complain about a portable copy of Valkyria Chronicles? :)

    Yay. I loved the PS3 game. I hope we get this too...and Yakuza 3..hint hint

    tempted to buy a psp again for this and mh:u, but dunno if it will happen.

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