The French Will Enjoy Modern Warfare 2's Goggles

In a bit of triumphant news for the French, word to Kotaku via Infinity Ward's chief Twitterer is that the Modern Warfare 2 Prestige Edition will be available in the land of the Eiffel Tower.

The tweet came out of the blue today from Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling:

fourzerotwo @stephentotilo - good news, just got word France is allowing the Prestige Edition with NVGs. I know you were worried about them. ;)

This was a follow-up to Kotaku's inquiry with Bowling yesterday about the availability of the night vision goggles in that Prestige Edition in countries where those goggles are believed to be banned. Bowling believed that there could be snags in France and Belgium.

Now we don't need to worry about the French anymore.

Less comforting for the French might be the price for this. The standard, goggles-free version of the game runs $US60 here in the U.S. but 69.95 Euros in France. (That's almost $US99.) No word yet on what the Prestige version will cost. In the U.S. that price will be $US149.

Kotaku AU Note: No official confirmation yet of the availability of these limited editions in Australia. Shouldn't be too long though.


    oh thank jebus the french are getting night vision goggles. i was worried there for a moment.

    I don't think it matters since the inflation rate in the price of the Aus Prestige version will cost more than most of us can afford.

      The goggles sound really awesome to have, but I'm betting you're right about the price. $149 US = $184 in Australia according to my google currency converter, So in retail stores I'd expect it to be selling for around $200. That's worth about 2 to 3 games.

    So these yanks are saying OH JEBUS to a $99 price tag for a single, standard edition game? Well its call inflation and different currency mate!

    The US Dollar isn't the most "popular" since afterall, its only available in the US of A. But yes, a lot of the time the price is always $20 dearer than what the actual inflation rate equals.

    AUS = $200 minimum for Presitge. I'd be actul surprised if it was cheaper.


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