The Future Of Aussie Sports Games Is Online And On PC

The Future Of Aussie Sports Games Is Online And On PC
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Transmission Games is padding up for the launch of its Ashes 2009 cricket game on all platforms later this month, but the boss of the Melbourne developer reckons the PC is the best platform for future Aussie sports games.

Transmission CEO Mike Fegan Aussie sports games have struggled due to the limited market potential of games based on local sports especially AFL, Rugby League and Rugby Union. Because these games really only sell in Australia, it’s impossible for publishers to commit to a development budget big enough to compete with the FIFAs and Maddens. But micro-transaction-based online games might be the answer.

Speaking to Gamespot‘s Laura Parker, Fegan says:

“The future is in PC 3D web browser based versions which are free but laced with in-game advertising and micro-transactions to buy the latest players or resources to move the game up the pecking order within a total on-line world. This will come in time, as Australia rolls out faster broadband infrastructure.”

The Gamespot feature goes into great detail on the “past, present and future of video games based on the biggest sports down under.” Definitely worth a read.

And why don’t you let us know your picks for the best – and worst – Aussie sports games?

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  • Is there a future for anything gaming in Aussie in traditional retail? With prices through the roof and retailers carrying only the lowest of low merchandise, I am disgusted every time I walk past a gaming store in Sydney.
    Even a generic Walmart (Not even a Super Walmart)in Iowa was better than this.

  • Too right, as soon as we get faster broadband and/or the dollar rises it’s importing/downloading for the win, that is of course unless the net filter gets up and running too.

  • Why can’t aussie sports games move into the XBLA type realm? Get some smart games developers that can make a good arcade experience in a couple of hundred MB instead of the traditional 4gig DVD. Surely this would be far superior to a browser based game?

  • I must say that all i want from an AFL game is good controls and smooth play. I dont care about graphics, the PS2 ones just were too robotic too really play propely. Stupid really i think that if they consentrated on making a smooth gameplay experiance they would sell a LOT!

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