The History Of Assassin's Creed 2's Protagonist

This first developer diary for upcoming Ubisoft action-title Assassin's Creed 2 gives us a glimpse into the backstory of the main character.

The graphics and some of the play looks improved for this latest iteration, but will it be enough to outperform its predecessor.


    I LOVED assassin's creed. After giving it the time it deserved I did really like it and i'm looking forward to the second.

    I do admit, it was repetitive. It didn't bother me TOO much. But heres hoping they somehow change that. I can't help but think it will still be repetitive, but in a sense where, if you have to do certain things before an assassination, each place you go to will have different tasks.

    Still repetitive, but on a different scale.

    Either way, two hidden blades & some shooting device! AMEN!

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