The King Of Fighters XII Getting Online Patch

Early reports are that The King of Fighters XII is suffering from online play issues such as lag. According to a spokesperson for the game:

"While not all players experienced these issues, an update for the game will be available tomorrow, Tuesday, July 28th for the PlayStation 3 which should help improve the overall quality and stability of online play for everyone."

KOF XII is a multi-platform fighter, and the Xbox 360 version is getting a patch — that patch, however, has not been dated yet. It should be announced shortly.

Kotaku AU Note: Hopefully it'll all be sorted in time for the local release on August 27.


    It would be sweet if they released this on PC too like street fighter 4...

    Does anyone know if they went with similar net code to Super Street Fighter 2 HD Remix (where it makes predictions as to both player's actions and the result of said actions when lag hits), or something similar to Street Fighter IV (if it lags, your actions lag)?

    I'm personally hoping for something closer to SSF2HDR, but I'll still pick up KOF regardless of their lag solution. I'm just curious.

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