The Most Bizarre 5 Minutes You'll Spend This Morning

This video is a documentary intro, and even though 1) the creators are German, 2) they show Mario peeing and 3) everyone has sex at the end, it still doesn't explain what's going on.

You're just gonna have to see this for yourself - but it's more than 5 minutes long, and doesn't start getting weird until Ron Jeremy Mario pops out of a Space Invaders tank at 1:40.

There is no actual nudity, but I'd still classify this as rated nsfw for: Ryu and Guile making bedroom eyes; hot Pong ball-on-paddle action, and Lara Croft having a shampoo-commercial orgasm.

Video Games by MUSCLEBEAVER [Vimeo via GoNintendo, thanks tipster Morris]


    This reminds me of something....

    ... Nope.. Actually it doesn't.

    Still, a great way to kill 5 mins, thanks

    What did I just watch?

    I've got nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    Nice find though!

    mario you old devil

    Those whacky Germans.

    that was amazing!
    best start to my 2nd semester

    Are you kidding? That was AWESOME!!!

    Well played sir, well played.

    I was a little WTF with the long pong intro. But then it turned into pure awesome. Nice find!

    I have no speech.

    Pure awesome until the Lara Croft scene..

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