The Penny Arcade Guys Have The Best Table In The World

Boutique furniture designers Because We Can recently built the Penny Arcade team a new conference table. It's 16 feet long and cost over $US4000. But that's not why we love it.

We love it because it glows in the dark. Who has a business meeting in the dark? Penny Arcade do now, that's who. Oh, and if anybody thinks of giving the "simplistic" design any crap, Twisp, Catsby and the Moon aren't drawn, they're inlaid wood.

You can read all about the process here, on BWC's blog, while there's a video showing off the hot glow in the dark action here.

Twisp & Catsby Conference table for Penny Arcade [Because We Can, via Boing Boing]


    No matter what they do, Gabe and Tycho excrete class.

    Nice, whos the chick?

    She looks like she does good woodwork.. ;D

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