The R4...Vending Machine

Forget those mythical panty vending machines! This vending machine in Osaka's Den-Den Town is selling R4 devices.

Best part? They're all sold out.

Nintendo has been fighting the R4 piracy device and fighting it hard. There's a court injunction against the Chinese R4 makers for "violation under Japan's laws". Yahoo! Auctions is prohibiting the device's sale.

Retailers in both Akihabara and Den-Den Town do continue to carry the R4 devices. However, stores are apparently trying to liquidate their inventory before it becomes illegal to sell R4 devices in Japan.

マジコン販売の最先端はマジコン自販機 [Ota Road]


    I don't get how anyone can endorse this kind of device. How can this be beneficial to industry in any way and why do websites like this give them airtime?

    Well, I believe because it's news that involves gaming. If someone is smart enough to read on Kotaku, I'm sure they're going to run into the R4 one day, and if they're dumb enough to try and get one, then I don't think Kotaku has done anything to change that outcome :\ I vote yes for Kotaku giving me more awesome information that pertains to gaming. Keep up the good work mates!

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