The Three Factions Of PS3's MAG

Zipper Interactive's massive Playstation 3 shooter MAG isn't just about having 256 players in a single battle at a time. There's more nuance than that. Take for instance the three factions in the game.

In this video, Zipper developers walk us through the three private military companies that make up the factions of MAG. The Raven PMC is described as high-tech and polished. Valor is a more traditional military force and S.V.E.R. is sort of like a... gang? Hmm, not so sure about that last one.


    The amount of action going on makes it look rediculous. Not like a battle at all. No organisation or squads, just a bit whole lot of tracers flying through the air.

    Technically stunning though.

    raven for me they are like the sas so im keeping it british valor look to much like the americans and sver? they look like homicidal maniacs and drug dealers basically amy winehouses faction

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