The Ultimate Setup For Lazy, Bedroom Gaming

Sure, you could play games while in bed, but that's so hard! You have to, like, lift your head up from the pillow! Ungh. Tiresome. Or you could do what Patti Deni did, and build your kid a ceiling TV.

Enlisting the help of an AV installation company from Williamsville, NY, Patti cut a hole in her ceiling, reinforced the roof, then had a 300-pound rig installed that includes a projector and some mirrors. Which, combined, gives her son a 100-inch screen to game on. Directly above his bed.

I bet he loves it. Me, I couldn't sleep with the thought I had a 300-pound Damacle's Nerdsword hanging over my head, which could crash through the roof at any time and crush me to death. Not really the stuff "sweet dreams" are made of, that.

Exemplary mum Builds 98-Inch Screen Inside Kid's Bedroom Ceiling [Gizmodo]


    i'd risk death for the mean setup mmmmmm

    i've always wanted a ceiling tv.

    I want one of these!

    i'll settle for my ceiling mirrors. i see much better things in them than i could on a screen.

    Bet the kid's fat.

    Couldn't you use a wall mount to well... mount an lcd on the ceiling? it wouldn't way much.

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