The Ultimate Street Fighter Art Collection

From the biggest rivalries to the biggest... other rivalries, UDON leaves no facet of Street Fighter history untouched in SF20: The Art of Street Fighter, "the most complete collection of Street Fighter artwork ever."

SF20 features more than 1,500 illustrations from the franchise's 22-year history, from the original Street Fighter arcade game to Tatsunoko VS. Capcom. Featured works include character designs, concept art, sketches, and box art, with "never-before seen" Street Fighter art for those of you who think you've seen it all. More than just an art book, SF20 also provides commentary from popular Capcom artists, discussing their favourite pieces and how their artwork helped forge the most popular fighting game franchise in the world.

SF20: The Art of Street Fighter is scheduled to hit stores in September. Amazon currently lists it with an October date, with a retail price tag of $US39.99 discounted to $US26.39, so if you're interested, that might be the way to go. I'd say the Mai chesting facing-off against Chun-Li pic alone is worth the price of admission.


    Wouldn't mind a Mai and Chun Li sandwich.

    Get in between those juggs would be nice too

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