The Villains Of Batman: Arkham Asylum

In case you'd forgotten, here's a roundup of the major baddies looking for a little payback when Batman finds himself trapped in Arkham Asylum.

We need a new kind of man-eating plant. That's pretty much what I took away from this trailer, in which the Joker, Killer Croc, Bane, and Poison Ivy strut their stuff. Ivy has a bit more stuff to strut than the other three, but her choice of boss monster leaves much to be desired. How about a man-eating plant that merely tears the body into bits, which then fall into the soil below to help nourish its roots? Do they all have to be bulbous Audrey rip-offs with teeth?


    visually incredible.

    I was too busy looking at Ivy's buns to really care too much about the Audrey knock off. The vine texture they've given her skin is interesting.. but also gross.

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