The Warriors Of Aion

New screens from NCsoft's Aion highlight the warrior class. front-line fighters which eventually choose between the path of the Templar or the Gladiator.

This weekend's Aion beta test session allowed players to progress past level 10 for the first time, so I go a chance to level up a warrior from 1 to 11, earning my wings and choosing my ultimate career path. I went with the Templar, which like the Paladin in World of Warcraft has some healing skills and abilities that make him strong the more he gets hit, though the more DPS-focused Gladiator was a tempting choice as well.

I teamed up with a good friend, who brought her scout along for the ride, and while she killed a hell of a lot faster, her survivability was nothing compared to mine. As a team we worked extremely well together. Alone, she had a tendency to die when facing more than two attackers, after which I would show up late to save her, standing there taking hits from three mobs while apologizing profusely... which is generally how a date with me ends. Oh look, screenshots.


    Great graphics and awesome design. It's definitely a game to watch out for. But so far it doesn't seem to have any real innovation to the genre. I guess it's down to the in game community to differentiate it from the rest.

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