The Week In Games

The Week In Games

After a few weeks jam-packed with new games, this week brings just four.

And not just any four either! Two of them were meant to come out last week and the other are sports games.

Battle Fantasia is OK, if you like fighting games. As is The Bigs, albeit if you like baseball. But to be honest, I’ve no idea if Buffy or the misleadingly-titled Ico Soccer are any good. So, hey, if you’re bold enough to pick them up this week, let us know how that goes!

UPDATE: Just heard from 2K that The Bigs 2 has slipped a week to July 16. Bah!

New releases for the w/c July 6:

Battle Fantasia (360, PS3) What Is It? Sexy fighting game from the makers of Guilty Gear and now finally seeing a local release after endless delays. Should You Care? A solid choice while waiting for King of Fighters XII.

The Bigs 2 (360) What Is It? Some sort of bat and ball sports activity, I think. Should You Care? I hear it’s pretty good if you’re into that sort of thing.

Buffy (DS) What Is It? Buffy the Vampire Slayer. On the DS. Intriguing! Should You Care? Screenshots suggest a 3D action/adventure/brawler scenario, but I honestly have no idea if it’s any good.

Ico Soccer(DS) What Is It? Football sim where you instruct your players in real-time by tapping and drawing arrows on the touchscreen. Should You Care? Just don’t go on thinking it’ll feature a small boy holding the hand of an ethereal girl.


  • FYI – my sister has played buffy on the DS and says it’s pretty bad. She is a MAD buffy fun and apparently the controls are clunky and the graphics are super poor even for a DS game.

    To put it simply, in her exact words “playing buffy on DS is better than this hunk of crap”

    …She spent the rest of the weekend playing GTA: china town wars 😛

      • Even if she was into guys, i’d doubt someone desperate enough to ask for a gamertag wouldn’t make the list. lol

    • The quote doesnt make sense – “playing buffy on DS is better than this hunk of crap”

      Isn’t she referring to the Buffy game on the DS in the first place? Isnt the ‘hunk of crap’ Buffy on DS?

      Or am I reading it wrong?

      • Sorry dans – my bad.

        I meant buffy on GBA – i was thinking one thing typing another lol

        excuse me whilst i hang myself

  • Does anyone know the best place to check Australian release dates on games? I’m specifically interested in DS and 360.


    • Yep


      Nah, sorry don’t know any others besides Kotaku (this week in games) or you can keep an eye on retailer websites, Big W, Game, EB, Kmart… you get the idea mainly EB and GAME i keep an eye on as they deal directly with games and is usually pictures of links/pre order information (that will give you the release dates too)…

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