The Witcher Director Cut With Nudity

You can take the boobs out of million selling computer title The Witcher, but can you take The Witcher out of the boobs?

Polish developer CDProjekt has announced The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut for North American gamers as a free patch. This is basically the nudity-enhanced European version of the title.

Back in March 2008, CD Projekt boss Michal Kicinski explained: "We just want to let mature gamers — the audience we created the game for — play the game they want to play. At 18 years of age, you can walk into a store in the US and buy movies, magazines, etc. that have much more objectionable content than what you can see in The Witcher."

The Director's Cut patch will include the recent 1.5 patch and will also be a standalone available on, Steam, Impulse and Direct2Drive. Launch date TBA.

The Witcher Nudity Restored with Director's Cut [Shacknews]


    is this a good idea? wouldn't this patch change the rating on the game(not that i matters i imagine the game is not on sale anymore)? in theory wouldn't the product need to be removed from sale while its reclassified in the same vein as the "hot coffee mod"?

    Aren't they those cards you get after *cough*. If so we already had them so nothing will change. America's were censored though. Poor babies would cry if they saw that..

    Yeah, the Australian version is apparently the same as the European.

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