The Witcher Patch Removes DRM, Adds Adventure

Patch 1.5 for CD Projekt Red's award-winning PC roleplaying game The Witcher is now available, removing the pesky digital rights management while adding five new player-created adventures to the game.

Those of you pondering removing The Witcher install from your PC in order to free up space might want to hold off a little bit longer. Patch 1.5 has been released, bringing with it five new adventures created by the game's player community using the D'jinni creation tools. Deceits, Blight of the Bogs, Wraiths of Quiet Hamlet, The Wedding, and the unseasonal Merry Witchmas are each included in the patch, giving players a small taste of what has been wrought since CD Projekt unleashed free creation tools upon the community.

Perhaps even better news, patch 1.5 also removed the DRM from The Witcher, meaning you can simply install the game and play it, rather than having to worry about making sure the disc is in the drive and such. Of course no-disc hacks generally pop up within minutes of a PC game release if not sooner, but it's nice to get a little official love now and then.

Patch 1.5 now available! [The Witcher]


    Played this game for about 3 hours before uninstalling it out of sheer boredom, to be honest. Despite loving RPGs I found the interface and combat to be ridiculously clumsy to the point it was a chore to play the game at all. Oh well.

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