There Will Probably Be A Modern Warfare 2 Controller

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling jumped on his Twitter account earlier today, asking for help. Help with the design for a Modern Warfare 2 control pad.

The message reads:

In a design meeting for a #MW2 controller. Need your advice - Concave or Convex grips for the analogue sticks? Whats your preference and why?

Bowling later confirmed that this controller won't be coming from Activision or Infinity Ward, so it's most likely something similar to Mad Catz's Street Fighter IV pads, which seemed to go down pretty well.

Oh, and Robert: concave, please.

[fourzerotwo @ Twitter]


    Stuff convex, and yes, stuff concave too. I'm dreaming of a keyboard with mouse support for the ps3, unreal did it! Oh, and at 1080p please....

    *wakes up

    In other words, i'll be most likely getting it for pc, I still can't use controllers for fps's.

    Just release a keyboard and mouse with an "MW2" slapped onto it somewhere. That would be the best controller for the game.

    how about a stick on the left for movement and a trackball on the right for aiming? if the trackball had a little bit of heft (maybe made of metal?) yet moved very easily i could see it working.

    i know its not as good as a mouse but its a compromise. a trackball is a positional interface, not a steering onee so this could make a big difference to fps.

      i suggested the combination stick/trackball controller to logitech years ago for FPS on the playstation..they said thanks but no thanks.

    Logistically I don't think packing in a keyboard would be viable, but how about a mouse and a one handed analogue stick device (read: nunchuck)? I don't know how they can ignore such a blatantly obvious success.

      Just like the raging success of the splitfish one. That thing is in like 95% of ps3 owners homes now.....cough.

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