These Guys Didn’t Win Our Monster Hunter Comp

These Guys Didn’t Win Our Monster Hunter Comp

But they were still awesome entries. Consider these “honourable mentions”.

We ran a competition for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on PSP. The four winners were announced two days ago. As we said, it was the toughest comp we’ve had to judge at Kotaku. So, to give you an idea of just how tough it was, here’s a selection of entries that – sadly – didn’t win.

They’re all fantastic, but we only had four prize packs. Hopefully this goes some way towards compensating you all.

Andrew B went hunting for some Sporn:


Ayrton C can breathe underwater:


Isaac M has fire-retardant fists:


Jason P needs to upgrade his armour:


Jimmy N should lay off the weed:


Lucas W’s health bar stabbed him in the eye:


Micca D sets a very bad example:


Tomasz S is up for some bromance:


And finally, Jeff K felt his earlier entry required further explanation:


And that’s a wrap!


  • Man, I had no chance all these entries were awesome. (mine was Cookie monster)
    Hey Mr Wildgoose, how’s about you hit them up for some more Monster Hunter PSP packs for all us losers!! 😀
    I’ll even come over and rub ointment into your buttock sores from all this desk work/gaming. (seeing as you game nude and all, I’m imagining you must have some chair burns on there! 😀

    (worth a try….)

    Bring forth the next comp!

  • cookie monster FTW!
    the only way that could possibly be any better is if it was a chainsaw trebuchet

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