This Guy Makes A Mean Kratos Statue

By day, Herbert Lowis works as an artist at Propaganda Games, the team currently working on the new Pirates of the Caribbean game. But by night? He's capable of stuff like this.

Seriously, this is a sculpture made by a single man. Not a $US300, commissioned piece of adult collectible finery. It's just... something some guy made. As a hobby. For his art. Amazing.



    That is amazing! I was about to say which company makes statues of such quality and detail. Then I read on to see it's done by one man in his spare time. Truly amazing work.

    That's quality right there.

    Don't ever fire that guy, haha.

    The God of War never looked so great. Hopefully Sony sees this and puts it into mass production. I'd buy it in a heart beat. Well that is if my wife let's me. Hahahahaha

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