This Is A New Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver Trailer

Have a look! Heart Gold and Soul Silver are scheduled to be released in Japan this September.

Priced at the equivalent of US$50, these are tenth anniversary remakes of Pokémon Gold/Silver. The original Gold and Silver appeared on the Game Boy and sold 23 million copies worldwide.

Pokémon Heart Gold and Pokémon Soul Silver will be packaged with pedometers dubbed the Poké Walker. The clip has a short explanation (in Japanese) of the Poké pedometers.


    nintendo should make the pokemon say their names in the games now instead of the same noises they made on the original game boy 10 years ago

    friggin want

    but it seems like just a remake D=

    The strange low quality "squeels" the Pokemon make are unique to all 400 odd of them and are a tradition with the Pokemon games. That and not all Pokemon can say their own name. I think the way Pokemon games are being made now, keeping the same formula but adding new features and Pokemon, is the way to go.

    2 Pokemon games in one year...give my wallet a break Nintendo!

    Well it would be ok with me if they kept the "squels" but they should fix it to give each pokemon ther own. I mean did you ever notice Charizard and Rhydon(or Rhyhorn can't remember) have the same scream.

    there's near 500 of the bloody things, can't......catch........them all

    OMG!funniest video ever! They're gonna keep the kanto and the red gyarados. I wonder if lance'll still be champ?

    P.S. they're called cries. LOOK IT UP.

    Those squeels the pokemon make are digital representations of their names, next time you play have a close listen, and keep an open mind.

      what about jynx? that has the the longest cry of them all.

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