This Spanish Language Movie Logo Looks Familiar

As seen on Kitsch/Posh. Thanks, Mike!


    Escape from Atlantis? Hmmm.. as in Atlantis before it sinks, or after it has sunken?

    when translated it says, "Escape from the Atlantic"

      No Nicolas, It actually translates "Escape from Atlantis". Are this actually two movies? or the same movie translated. What about "The Departed" and "Dance with me" both Literal copies from Japanese movies, but in english. Even the acting looks copied in a few scenes!

    Lol wut.... It's like exact.

      It is. I had both pictures side by side up on my screen, and the buildings are identical. Nice to know they have a thing for creativity...

    I can't stand all these regional knockoffs which knick the unique styles from popular games.

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