This Week In Video Game Comics

Here's a rundown of the new video game-based comics going on sale in comics shops in the U.S. this week, including a Street Fighter showdown with Final Fight. (Oh, and President Evil is out this week too.)

Sonic The Hedgehog #202... Written by Ian Flynn; Art by Steven Butler Via publisher Archie Comics: "Dangerous Territory": Sonic and Monkey Khan storm the city of New Megaopolis to nip an evil invasion in the bud... but have our heroes bitten off more than they can chew? And will a shocking betrayal save them - or doom them? "A Lonely Girl's Story": Learn the guarded secrets of the Eggman Empire's new empress in this intriguing tale!

Super Street Fighter II Turbo #7 (Cover A)... Written by Ken Siu-Chong; Art by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz, Eric VedderVia publisher Udon Entertainment: The casts of Street Fighter and Final Fight collide in the conclusion of the U.S.A. qualifier! Ryu, Rolento, Ken, Cody, Guile, Poison, T.Hawk, Hugo, and more of America's best fighters scrap it out in the most explosive tournament round yet! Plus, a bonus backup story featuring Guy & Maki, the Bushin-style warriors of Final Fight!

Super Street Fighter II Turbo #7 (Cover B)


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