This Week In Video Game Comics

This Week In Video Game Comics
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Here’s a rundown of the new video game-based comics going on sale in comics shops in the U.S. this week, including two from Blizzard’s biggest series.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic #43… Written by John Jackson Miller; Art by Bong Dazo

Summary via publisher Dark Horse Comics: “Reaping”: An unprecedented new adventure begins — leaving former Padawan Zayne Carrick clinging to the side of a comet! When Zayne and crew infiltrate a comet mine, his partner Gryph believes it’s another clever con to capture some quick cash. Little does Gryph know, Zayne and Jarael have other intentions — like rescuing the miners enslaved by this ruthless mining operation. Of course, the noble intentions of the team will all be for naught if their plot is discovered. Swimming through stardust is no place to be when enemy ships open fire! (More info.)

World of Warcraft #21… Written by Walter Simonson and Louise Simonson; Art by Mike Bowden and Tony Washington

Summary via publisher Wildstorm/DC Comics: King Varian is so focused on The Lich King and the recent Scourge attacks that he fails to notice Cho’Gall’s power and threat continue to grow. Plus, Maraad has kidnapped Garona – but to what nefarious end? (More info.)

Starcraft: Frontline Volume 3 (208-page manga)… Written by Various; Art by Various

Summary via publisher Tokyopop: Revel in the brutal, menacing and sublime world of StarCraft in this collection of world-expanding adventures….

In “War-Torn, “Senator Corbin Phash used his power and influence to hide his young son Colin’s psionic abilities from the Dominion, but their secret has finally been exposed!

In “Do No Harm,” the sadistic “Butcher of Korhal,” Dr. Burgess, gets his bloody hands on Muadun, a recently captured protoss high templar and goes dissecting for clues on how to mass-produce horrifying protoss-terran soldiers…

In “Last Call,” a lounge singer on the backwater mining post of Meteor Station finds herself at the centre of diplomatic intrigue…

And in “Twilight Archon,” the griving head instructor of a protoss templar school discovers what she’ll have to sacrifice just to be whole again.
! (More info.)

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