THQ Boss Says Project Natal Will Be Out In 2010

Microsoft have never commented on a release date for Project Natal. Well, not without withdrawing it. But Brian Farrell, boss of publisher THQ, has no such qualms.

Speaking during his company's earnings get-together earlier today, Farrell - presumably speaking with some degree of knowledge on the subject, what with his company making games for the console - said the 360's motion-sensing camera peripheral will be out "late next year". Which is exactly what everybody has been thinking, but hey, it's nice hearing somebody put it on record, even if they're not a Microsoft employee that's able to give us a timeframe we can take to the bank.


    Obviously they would know. Heck if they are developing it, why develop a game for something if it ain't due til late 2011 for example and have to start so early if they don't need to.

    Definitely going to be a Holiday release. Expect Natal bundles.

    Xbox 360 with Natal & game.
    Natal with a game made for Natal.
    Natal alone.
    Xbox 360 Natal SKU that people are hinting at.

    NATAL everywhere next year!

    Of course it is going to be 2010, even people with 1/2 a brain can guess it. Sony already said they will release the wand sometime in 2010, it is very obvious that MS will release Natal around the same time frame, or maybe even 1 month early than Sony to get another head start.

    I dont think the Natal needs a head start to be more successful. The Natal and the PS Wand aren't even consoles and they are just accessories.

    I sometimes wonder if the 360 would have the sales it has if it was released the same time as the PS3 & Wii or after, whatever. But atm everyone says its the price thats keeping the PS3 from dominating.

    Anyway, judging purely by sales, the Natal whether it is going to be released before, same time or after the PS Wand, it should sell more. The Marketing MS does for the Xbox is one thing, but the fact that there are more people with a 360 than PS3, more people buy for the 360 than the PS3 & the 360 has a tad more casual approach than the PS3 all accounts as to why i think the Natal will sell more than the Wand.

    I'm not being a fanboy by saying this, just my opinion. Sony doesnt seem to advertise and market the PS3 to the scale that MS does. Not saying Sony needs to, it wouldn't hurt to do so. But the 360 is where it is because of probably being released earlier and the marketing MS has done. Its all $$$

      Sony is losing money, and MS has unlimited pot of cash... that's why you don't see as much ad from Sony.

      You are right that Natal will sell more than Wand due to the larger install based. I have a feeling that when Natal is launch, MS will include Natal in all the SKU, that why will encourage more developers to use it, so that it can compete with Wii. As for Sony, I doubt they will use that approach, as they are still losing money.

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