Toad Revealed To Be Ungrateful A-hole After All

Blah blah blah, thank you Mario, another castle, etc. ... But magnify the sprite and we see the rancorous contempt Toad has had for us for more than a quarter-century.

Some folks claim those are Toad's thumbs, not the double-barreled bird. I think it goes either way. Toad has been Giving Us the Finger since 1985 [SodaHead via TopCultured]


    Hahah gold

    Little friggin prick, I always knew he was an a hole, he is cheap in Mkart

    Well wouldn't you flip the kids to if you were threw in a random castle by Bowser? lolz. I for it to be both thumbs and/or bird-fingers. :) :D :P :L ;) ;P

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