Toast Your Cursed Existence With The Legendary Lich King Stein

Why raise a crude tankard to World of Warcraft's number one villain when you can raise an 18 carat gold-plated Lich King stein instead?

3 Point Entertainment is now shipping out their commemorative Rise of the Lich King pewter steins, and to commemorate the occasion they've also created a limited run of "Legendary" Lich King steins. These drinking vessels, limited to a run of 750, feature the same hand-crafted look and feel of the standard version, with 18 carat gold plating and hand-painted gold accents.

If you thought paying $US89.99 for a glorified mug was bad, you'll probably want to pass on the Legendary, as the gold and rarity raises the price tag to $US174.99. That's one expensive item to be swinging about when trashed.

World of Warcraft Stein Collection [Order Page]


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