Jack Thompson's "I'm OK" Reviewed By Guy With Rain Man Voice

Not sure what's worse - the subject matter, its narration, or the fact that it is five whopping minutes of nonstop punishment. This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me.

This is a user video created by apathylad on Gametrailers - probably the most apt user name ever created in the history of that site, given his tone of voice. I was reaching for the GOD MAKE IT STOP button after about 45 seconds. How long can you last?

Jack Thompson's I'm OK Game [Gametrailers]


    i think i lasted a good few minutes... the only thing that kept me watching was the challenge of actually trying to make sense of his awesome punctuation and tone.

    Booooooored. Stopped it.

    He really should have rehearsed, or edited rather than leave all his mistakes in, it sounded like a high school kid giving his first oral report.

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