Today's Team Fortress 2 Xbox 360 Update Is Not The One You Want

Owners of the Xbox 360 version of The Orange Box were greeted with an update today, one that adds something new to at least one of the included games, Team Fortress 2. Quickly temper your expectations.

The update did not manage to stuff in a half-dozen class updates, new maps, and new gameplay modes that PC users have been enjoying over the past year. Nor does it seem to include a proper fix for some map exploits.

What it does do is offer the option to toggle critical hits and limit the number of players who can choose a certain class, meaning some games you'll join may completely rule out the option to play as a Pyro or Heavy. What else it offers, we're not yet sure. We contacted Valve earlier today, but have yet to receive clarification about today's changes to the Xbox 360 version of the game.

The theoretical silver lining is that Valve might possibly have instituted class limits to prevent a flood of particular class types, something that often follows a TF2 class update. But Valve has said it will be bundling those updates, to make it worth the cost of admission. Considering those updates were originally planned to arrive last year, we're not holding our collective breath.

Valve says it's still working on the Xbox 360 as of April. We'll let you know if we get an update on its progress.


    Are you serious?So no exploit/glitch fixes,no updates, but something to limit people-or even Rule them out playing as one of the classes?

    How am I supposed to whore being Spy now?

    The update should just be a text file saying "BUY THIS ON PC"


      Rocket Jumps on console is just a nightmare if not impossible.

      Looking at the ground, firing, jumping, crouching and then quickly looking back up into the air...all in the span of half a second..forget it!

    This update is really annoying. All the games have been 1 class vs another 1 class. All Medic vs All Medic is not fun to me

    I'm not so fussed about the PC class updates, in fact I'd prefer not to have them. But it would be nice to have some new maps and fix those glitches.

    It's great to see the game being shaken up a bit, but from a couple of test runs this morning, the interface seems pretty weak. There's no explanation of what a game's going to be before you enter it, and not even any indication on the class select screen (!) - if you select an invalid class nothing happens, and you just have to keep clicking through until you get one that's allowed.

    I'll give it some time to settle down, but it'll be disappointing if this update just means that it takes me ten times as long to find a game I want to play, every time I sit down with TF2. Having to quit out of occasional low-gravity, god-knows-what modded games was bad enough.

    LOL, well i don't play Team Fortress 2 anyway, can't seem to work it out. It is just odd really.

    With that being said, if TF2 avid gamers on the X360 are awaiting maps & upgrades that PC gamers are getting, then this will seriously confirm that if the X360 isn't a MAJOR priority for some of their games, imagine the PS3!!!! Hehee

    This update feels really slapped together and altogether pointless. Sure, it adds further playability/variety but it was hours before I figured out how to do class restriction etc. Furthermore, you can get into games where people allow 1 person to play a class per team, so if you someone else is playing Demo you're out of luck. Really disappointing.

    Meh, This update was ok.
    It adds more variety to the Servers other then just Low Grav and all Crits.

    How *do* you apply a class restriction? It's crazy that they haven't explained this, let alone even mentioned it, on the Valve blog...

    hey wtf it wasnt nessacary for the restrictoins man all that u can do now is be a heavy

      That isn't strictly true.

    I'm so fuc*** pissed this update...yes it's because i'm a modder and no i'm not one of those gay ones that just kill everyone, modders such as myself, modded the game to make it fun and exciting for other play. Putting variations on the maps allowed for an exciting game, rather than your dull 5 maps. If i had to say something to valve, it's that this is just retarted, not a damn thing about this update makes sense! Sure you got rid of the kids who thought they were cool, but for what!? You put in some tease of an update, you might as well be saying "Hey here's an update...maybe it's the one you've been waiting for for 2 it? NO! It's just an update that took us 2 seconds to make...but thanks for being patient =)" IT MAKES ME SICK, so i'll say this, they've lost a lot of tf2 fans due to this shitty tease!

    wtf, why are cheats allowed on pc and not xbox?
    why not just put official servers(no modding)
    and unoficioal servers(modding)?
    also, the class limit is bulls**t!
    if the host is getting owned by a pyro, all he has to do is put pyros to 0!

    How the hell do you even limit a class? I've looked everywhere in every options menu, and I can't find anything.

    IT's unplayable with the update. I got stuck in a game of 2Fort last night which was ENGINEER V ENGINEER. It was beyond pointless!

    The fact that you can't tell before you've entered a game what's limited or not makes it completely unworkable. Please, Valve, fix this ASAP. The old version was better. You're killing TF2.

    I hate the new TF2 update so much! FU Valve!

    man tf2 was like my favorite multiplayer and now its going to be gayer than gaylo if this is going to be the only update cause this doesnt do a dam thing or fix anything even flooding class types who cares nobody cares about that valve, get your head out your asses and do a update that aactually wants player to buy your product i feel bad now cuz i got two friends to buy this game and waste thier dam money on something i though would remain fun.

    so stupid All 2fort is all engie and i cant use spy. terrible update vAlve.

    I just find it weird on how Microsoft will not give us the unlockables for free, yet they allow some free add-ons to games like Bioshock and Dead Rising.

    TF2 has always been a game of balancing classes - that was the fun part about it. If the other team is playing all sentries, you play spy. If they change their tactics you do too. If i cant freely change my class just because someone else is playing that class whats the point??? IE the team hosting the server can make spies unlimited and then 1 pyro.... if the person who happens to pick pyro first doesnt have a clue what their doing, or dont have a mic to listen to people (telling them they should pick another class) what the hell kind of strategizing is that?? TF2 was the whole reason i bought an Xbox. I was in love with the Half life 1 Mods.. counter strike, team fortress classic, brainblood, the ship, vampire slayer, you name it. Now my favorite game has been totally ruined!!!

    Not impressed, Valve. Not impressed at all.

    Honestly, VALVe was not thinking at ALL when they made this update. The Xbox 360 version of the game is like the neglected second child of VALVe: While showing the first, PC Child with affection and toys, The Xbox360 version is raised by the cold, unloving uncle who doesn't give a crap about their needs. "Hey there 360 fans! We've got a crappy update for you! No, it's not the update you've been wating for for the past 2 years. But thanks for being patient :)."
    I never knew you could stoop to such a low levewl of intelligence, VALVe. Shame on you.

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