Tony Hawk: Ride Creators Planning For Sequel, Obviously

Tony Hawk: Ride developer clearly sees success in the skateboarding franchise's reboot, as it's already planning to start work on the sequel once the board-controller equipped game hits. Oh, I know. I was surprised too.

Robomodo president Josh Tsui tells Industry Gamers that the developer, who took the reins of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise from Neversoft, is working sequel planning into its current schedule. Tsui sees the Ride controller as "almost like a platform unto itself." Sound familiar?

Tony Hawk: Ride Sequel in the Works? [Industry Gamers]


    A little too confident i think, how do they even know the game will sell at all? People are starting to get over Tony Hawk and skate games in general.

      true, also accessory games are normally more generic pastimes, like music or fitness. guitar hero and Wii fit get away with their expensive accessories through their mass appeal to an audience that is far wider than just gamers.

      on the other hand tony hawk games, which already only appeals to a subset of the gamer whole are releasing this product which will only appeal to subset of the subset of people who:

      A) play tony hawk games.
      B) are still entertained by Tony Hawk games
      C) cant already skate, because just like guitar hero a game where you pretend you can do something holds no appeal to people who have the real life skill.

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