"Too Early" To Talk Silicon Knights' Unannounced

A press release from Canada Telefilm listed projects approved for government aid. Included in that list is a Siren in the Maelstorm from Too Human developer Silicon Knights.

We haven't heard of this Siren in the Maelstorm. What the heck is it? "Silicon Knights is busy working on several exciting projects," a spokesperson told game site Eurogamer. "Unfortunately, it is too early to disclose any details."

Then, we shall wait.

Besides Too Human, Silicon Knights has also developed Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Eternal Darkness and now "several exciting projects".

Silicon Knights quiet on Siren name News [Eurogamer]


    God i hope it's a new Eternal Darkness game

    It would be the greatest occurence in the history of God if their new game was actually called 'Several Exciting Projects.'

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