Trine Now Available On Steam

FrozenByte's 2D physics meets magic platformer Trine is now available to purchase an play via Steam, with a price that was briefly a little lower than many expected.

A suggested retail price for the PC of $US30-$40 caused a bit of consternation among fans awaiting the PC release of Trine earlier this week, worried that they would be paying near double what the PlayStation 3 players would be paying once the game hits the PlayStation Network. It looked like relief was in sight this morning when the game hit Steam for $US19.99, but as I sat here typing this, the price changed, as did the tone of this article. Now the game is $US10 more expensive than it was initially, which means the original price was either a mistake, or a cruel joke meant to taunt me. It's a good thing I compulsively hit the refresh button.

So, who is biting, and who would rather wait for the less expensive PlayStation 3 version?

Buy Trine On Steam [Steam]


    That's above what I'll normally pay on Steam. $US20 is about the limit of my impulse buys.

    I think it's so they can launch a special deal weekend soon after release. Cutting the price without hurting their margins.

    Take the all the high coin you can, then reprice to make the deal irresistible for the rest.

    Steam Marketing 101.

    After playing the demo, I can categorically say that I'm happy to pay the extra cash. Well, not happy per se, but I will. Because Trine is awesome.

    anyone have an idea when the ps3 release is expected? wiki lists it as July 3, which is today, but i have yet to see it, don't even have the demo on PSN yet :(

    PS3 Pfft. Will wait for the price reduction / weekend deal on PC version.

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