Trophy Support For Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Will Precede Tattooine

The PlayStation 3 version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, released last September will receive a patch for Trophy support, a LucasArts rep told Kotaku yesterday.

The Trophy patch will be issued prior to the release of the next downloadable level for the game, one set on Tattooine and introducing Boba Fett to the game's adventure.

Trophy hunters, be warned, LucasArts told Kotaku that a Sony requirement necessitates that anyone wanting to use this patch will have to let their current PlayStation 3 save file for the game be deleted. Maybe you can copy it, but the message we're getting is that it won't work, as per Sony requirements for Trophy patches.

With the Tattooine DLC coming in the fall, the Trophy patch should be out in the next few months. The Xbox 360 version has supported Achievements since launch.


    Is this game anygood? im thinking aout getting the ultimate version. I havent gotten into a starwars game since the original dark forces on pc (fun times) and i think its time i got reaquainted with the starwars universe!

      Apart from some targetting issues with the force powers, this is generally a fun game to go through. And with trophies being added, I guess it's time for me to do another run!

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