Trucking It In Rig 'n' Roll

If you can't believe a developer would build an entire game around big rig trucking, check out these screens of SoftLab-NSK's Rig 'n' Roll — the only big rig simulator that covers all of California.

Players take the role of a young man in the year 2024 to drive ginormous trucks from one end of the Golden State. I guess that explains why there's not much traffic in these screens. In the future, they'll actually be done with roadwork on I-5 and the 101.

I'm actually sort of curious about this game. Curious in a morbid way that makes me wish for truck stop mini games of an entirely inappropriate nature. Look for it on PC sometime this year if you, too, suffer from this curiosity.


    I strangly want to play the game.

    Big Rig? Big Rigs?? :D


    Big rig racing? What a great idea for a game! It'll be praised by critics and sell millions!
    In related news, SoftLab-NSK has announced 3 other projects, in addition to their big-rig racing game:

    A DS title called 'Custer's Comeuppance' reminiscent of older Atari titles, but a brand new IP. The developers have stated that they stand by the controversial levels of violence and presence of rape in the game, saying it really adds to the experience of beating up black women.

    A PSP game, also in retro style, title 'E.T.: Extra Turmoil' in which players guide an alien through various pit-jumping adventures. Powerups are in the form of peanut M&M's. The company is pressing 300 million copies and expects to sell out.

    A new Batman title called Batman 360. According to the developers, technical constraints of the Xbox 360 mean that the game will take place in a virtual world setup by the Joker, and Batman will have to drive the Batmobile through various rings he placed around Gotham for some reason.

    Seriously, if the trucks in this game can't reverse at the speed of sound and stop on the head of a PIN, I will not consider this a real Big Rig game.

      Adam Steel you are my hero. All those games sound incredible, and will be released in a GotY edition entitled: Hot Steel, Hot Bargains and Hot Bodies, including Tshirt of a peanut M&M, statue of a petrol pump and collectible scratch'n'sniff Trucker badge - smelling like trucker.

    Please tell me you can unlock Optimus Prime! :P

    Rig n Roll? Wonder where they got that from?

    Play it now as Rigs of Rods

    do i really have to donload this game to play it??

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