Turning Japanese, Kotaku's Turning Japanese

If you live in Japan you may have noticed that you're not able to read or even see this right now. In fact, you're probably reading a very similar Kotaku except entirely in Japanese.

Surprise! Welcome to Kotaku Japan.

About two years ago in Australia we launched Kotaku Australia (Hi! - AU Ed). Today Kotaku Japan is a go!

Don't worry, Brian Ashcraft is still the master of Japan and all things Asia, but now we have the same tasty Kotaku writing translated into Japanese. Better still Kotaku Japan also has its own crew of top-shelf writers hard at work ferreting out the details of all things Japanese and gaming.

If you happen to be lucky enough to live in Japan and still want to surf the undiluted pages of Kotaku Original then just type in us.kotaku.com otherwise you're going to be automatically redirected to the Japanese site. Of course there's also a link down on the left side of the site well, but what fun is that.


    Cools, I assume with more Japanese writers we may get even more J pop culture news? I mean Mr Brian already seems to have it heavily covered, but more never hurt anybody.

    That's awesome but unexpected; I'd have thought Kotaku UK would've been out first. *shrugs* Nice homage/nod/whatever to the AU announcement, though.

    In slightly Japanese related news: I hope to God they release a Kuroshitsuji game in English :(

    Cool. Now can I be allowed to see US comments please?


    Plese give us Aussies more info on incoming Japanese shmups (and awesome gaming accessories -like hardcore arcade sticks & flight sticks) -even if all you know is the developer, expected platform, the expected Jap launch date/window and have a screenshot (or more) -it's all I need to get off.


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