Two More Brütal Legend Gameplay Videos For You

Gametrailers TV's latest episode threw out two WORLD EXCLUSIVE (natch) clips of Brütal Legend gameplay - filled with guitar powerslides, headbanging followers, and good old fashioned beat-em-up asskicking mayhem.

For an original IP, Brütal Legend is going off with some uncanny expectations. Please be good. Please be good. OK, I think it will.

Brütal Legend - Combat

Brütal Legend Exclusive Combat Gameplay [Gametrailers]

Brütal Legend - Boss Battle

Brütal Legend Exclusive Boss Battle Gameplay [Gametrailers]


    the more i see of this game the worse it looks.. lol

    ..and i'm one of those people that actually like jack black, metal and hack n slash games!!!

    i can't seem to put my finger on what it is i don't like tho... it just seems so... generic and cheesy...

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