Uh, Battlefield 1943, We Have A Problem

The good news: Battlefield 1943 is out, giving console owners a chance to blow each other up under blue skies and palm trees. The bad news: for a ton of people, it's just not working.

We've been hearing all day from readers who bought the game, fired it up, and couldn't play it. At all. There's some serious technical issues marring the game's launch at the moment, which EA claim are the result of the servers being full, courtesy of player numbers being much higher than EA were expecting.

So if you can't get into a game, that's why. In the meantime, more servers are being added, so our advice is wait a day or two, then try and get in. Sorry.

Good news and bad news [Battlefield 1943]


    Hmm, that is a little harsh for 360 owners. It really baffles me why such a mainstay of PC gaming is held back for a PC release. Come on EA, support the platform that spawned the series, release it on PC now, im sure there would be less problems on that platform too...

    I attempted to play BF1943 last night, however, the lag was so bad that the game was unplayable.

    It looked so shiny too.

    I played a few lag-free games, and they were awesome. I then as the night progressed, the games got lagged out, then I couldn't join games anymore.

    The games that were playable were great though.

    I've been trying to get into a game for close to 4 hours with absolutely no luck.
    Went through the tutorial mission & that was fun enough, I guess. A little disappointed that there aren't any anti-ship guns, and that it doesn't seem like you can board enemy ship from the water or sink them...

    It doesn't appear to be on the PSN yet, is someone able to clarify when the Playstation Store (Australia) is meant to be updated? I thought it would be a midnight update, but no love.

      The Aus PSN will be updated when the European one is updated. So when it's the 9th over there... which will be tomorrow.

        That's what I assumed, except it already is the 9th in Europe (London's about 8:30am, the rest of Europe is GMT+).

    Same old story with just about every BF release never enough servers initally and none hosted in AU which means we are always disadvantaged in this sort of game.

    i heard the problem with the game is that silver members are buying it. obviously its an online game so silver users cannot play it.
    spose its settled then, i'll get it for the ps3. maybe i'll wait to see what gets said about it a few days after release first.
    i cant stand laggy games.

    I played it much of yesterday (9th) and well into the evening and when I could get into a game I had no latency issues at all.... (In Canberra, Aus, playing on 360).

    However... getting into the games was the tricky part. The game finder system was useless.

    Luckily I'd gotten into a game via normal means early in the day, so here's a tip -

    Open up your list of recent players from the 360 guide button - hopefully a few people on that list will be playing 1943, and if you're lucky one or more of them will have the 'Join Session In Progress' icon.
    That worked for me every time.
    EA game finder = fail.

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