Ultimate Sith Trailer Delivers Ultimatum

And here is aforesaid trailer regarding the DLC for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. You'll battle with Obi-Wan and Luke (on Hoth) and, quite gratuitously, Boba Fett. Wonder how they'll retcon that one.

OK, so, you look like Isaac from Dead Space, and the Emperor's VO is loud enough to make me think this was a fan-produced trailer. But it's not. This expansion is on the level, and you get access to this storyline content in the fall. Enjoy!

Exclusive Ultimate Sith Trailer [GameTrailers]


    Oh man, that's freakin' sweet. I hadn't even thought what the original trilogy movies would've been like if you'd picked the dark side ending in TFU.

      Wait, I just noticed, the Hoth level is exclusive to the new retail version? WHAT? Way to spit in our faces, Lucasarts, really appreciate that. I'll be passing on the DLC entirely now, assholes.

        where does it say its exclusive to the retail version? every post i've seen about it says that hoth is coming to DLC....

        It says it in the previous news article. And on the Lucasarts twitter-

        "The Sith Edition which will be in stores has it's OWN extra level - this is on Hoth. Again, you fight familiar faces. PC, Mac, Ps3 and 360"

    think how big the DLC would be... it makes sense to release a new retail version of it. its interesting enough to be a sequel..

      Call me pessimistic but at best this sounds like three (more likely two) new levels. The concept might be interesting, but I doubt there's anywhere near enough content to be thinking of this as a sequel.

      I agree with Mr Waffle. Making the Hoth level exclusive to a new retail version is incredibly stupid, and a slap in the face to the existing fans of the game.

      Think about it, who's more likely to care about one extra level? People who haven't even bothered to pick up the game a YEAR after it's release, or people who already have the game and have been hanging out for more?

      Bone-headed move, LucasArts.

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