Uncharted 2 Release Date, Box Art, Pre-order Goodies Revealed

Hang on, Nathan Drake! Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is almost here, with Sony confirming to us today that the Naughty Dog developed PlayStation 3 game will arrive in the U.S. on October 13th. Start planning your sick days/pre-orders accordingly.

Sony also released Uncharted 2's final box art, reminding us of Mr. Drake's expert ability to hang from ledges and platforms with just one hand. Combine that with his expertise at maintaining a shirt that's half-tucked, half-not and you'll see why the stubbly treasure hunter's adventures warranted a sequel.

Oh, and speaking of pre-orders, Sony laid out its North American retailer plans for a quartet of downloadable exclusives with Amazon.com, GameStop, Game Crazy and BestBuy. Golden guns, right after this.

Kotaku AU Note: We'll fill you in on the Australian preorder offers as soon as Sony confirm them. Meanwhile, take a look at what might be possible.

Yes, those are the golden Barettas that Drake can wield in multiplayer, adding a bit of flash to your online death match and "Plunder" competition. They're exclusive to BestBuy, meaning that if you're into sporting golden AK-47s, that should be your pre-order retailer of choice.

Other retailers are getting downloadable exclusive bonuses too, should your preference for weapons be a little more understated.

Here's how it works out elsewhere.

Amazon.com - Exclusive UNCHARTED 2 Treasure Map. The exclusive UNCHARTED 2 Treasure Map allows players to discover all the hidden treasures throughout the game.

Game Crazy - Exclusive Currency Multiplier for multiplayer online use. The UNCHARTED 2 Currency Multiplier allows gamers to gain in-game currency and unlock bonuses faster than their opponents for a limited period.

GameStop - Exclusive first access to the Multiplayer Demo and the downloadable Revenge Attribute Demo available: 9/15/2009 – 10/13/2009 Exclusive access: 9/15/09 – 9/29/2009 (9/30/2009 to 10/13/2009 opens to public) The Revenge Attribute is one of the last boosters that you can unlock in the multiplayer campaign. This bonus allows you to unlock the "Revenge" booster right from the start of your multiplayer campaign.

Customers who pre-order UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves from GameStop or GameStop.com will receive access to the Multiplayer Demo (available 9/15/09 – 10/12/09) and the Revenge Attribute (available on 10/13/09 – 12/31/09).


    I really don't like the box art. It's cool he's hanging down & all but the main issue i have with Uncharted is how UN-realistic it is with climbing and jumping. Assassin's does it so much better.

    I know this isn't meant to be to the most realistic game to play but swinging like a monkey and making jumps a baboon couldn't even make takes it a bit too far. But it's a good game, can't wait for multiplayer!!!!

    OTHER issue with cover, how many times do you want PLAYSTATION or SONY printed on the cover. Almost as worse as the Platnium edition of MGS 4.

    The pre-order goodies aren't that goodie.

    K finally actually read the whole article and by pre-ordering you get some golden guns... ahh ok?

    I really think this editor is gay. I mean, so because he has his shirt half tucked and a bit of stubble, a game deserves a sequel. And your warning people to book their sickies & pre-order the game.

    Its not a Halo. Or a GTA. Its not gonna be a Modern Warfare. It's not even going to be a Dragon Quest. Yes its a good game, but its none of the previous.

    PEOPLE, no need to pre-order if you don't want these golden guns? It's not gonna sell out.

    lol someone seems pissed that you wont be opening up uncharted 2 for christmas on your xbox 360 by then it would have gotten rrod anyway lol FAIL

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