Uncharted 2 Toys Aren't What You'd Expect

Sony have announced today that there'll be a line of Uncharted figures released. But that they won't be your standard "Nathan Drake with authentic sexual tension action" toys. They'll be something quirkier.

ESC-Toys will be releasing a line of four figures, all of Nathan Drake, all being weird, deformed vinyl sculpts. While none of them have names, it appears there's Drake, Hellboy Drake, Berlin Nightclub Drake and Radioactive Drake.

Only 2500 will be made, and they should be available sometime this Fall.

Lots of UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves at Comic-Con [Sony]


    Wow these are so crap. Why not just make toys that are worth displaying.

    Wow, those are pretty fucking sweet. Definitely on the want list, these will certainly stand apart from all other action figures.

    This is a joke right?

    Dude, That looks like crap covered in more crap.

    It doesnt even follow with the art direction of the characters... WTF!!

    If the purpose if these figures was to promote the game and satisfy Uncharted fans with figurine merchandise, then that purpose has failed.

    Seriously, who was in charge of this decision?

    Thats just bizarre...

    yea pretty quirky. unfortunatly I won't be purchasing any of those, even though I'm a huge uncharted fan. the last one loots kinda ok, but still weird. why not just have sweet realistic figures? or better yet release some more of those phurba daggers please!

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