Universal Wins Rights To Produce An...Asteroids Movie

This should be a hoot. Seems Universal Pictures have won a bidding war against three other studios for the right to produce a movie based on Asteroids. Yes. The 1979 game Asteroids.

Disney writer Matthew Lopez is writing the script, while Lorenzo di Bonaventura - who has been credited on movies like Transformers, GI Joe and Doom - is producing.

On the bright side, at least there's no plot for them to screw up! Unless, you know. The movie somehow doesn't involve a spaceship and at least one asteroid.

Kotaku AU Note: Thanks to Chris Kohler for revealing an early draft of the script.

'Asteroids' lands at Universal [THR, via superannuation]


    And yet somehow, they will screw up.

    I don't want to give them ideas, but all I can think of is Death Race with Asteroids...

    Asteroid the movie will suck... Wait for Pong

    Come on Asteroids? All the games out there and they chose Asteroids, Galaga would have made more sense, heck Pitfall even.

    Impossible Mission would be the best movie!!

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