Unseen 360 Clip Shows Avatars Playing Games (And A Dreamcast?)

Earlier this year, production company Roger were brought in by Microsoft to create an animated short for the company's E3 press conference, focusing on avatars. It was, for whatever reason, never shown. So let's take a look, eh?

The clip shows avatars freed from their dashboard confines, and parading around doing all kinds of things, from hanging out to playing games to romancing to high-fiving. The bits where they're inside games look interesting, especially with the obvious Gears of War, Rock Band/Guitar Hero and Splinter Cell overtones.

Now, this doesn't suggest that avatars can/could become playable within games. It might just be using the little guys as Microsoft representatives. And hey, maybe that's why the video made the cutting room floor, Microsoft not wanting people to get all confused and expect to be able to use their avatar in the next Splinter Cell game.

Whatever, we don't know. It's just an interesting possibility. All we want to know is, what the hell is that Dreamcast controller doing in there?





    At 1:20, I swear the guy in the green T-shirt is holding the Master Sword from Zelda.

    The Dreamcast was there because they were showing controller evolutions. The Atari joystick, the next one (name escapes me) the Dreamcast, Xbox 1, then the 360.

    They werent going to show a PS or Nintendo controller because they are current competition.
    Also, Sega develop games for Xbox. Sony and Nintendo dont.

      Well said.

    The second controller is from Intellivision!

    Dare I guess they never showed it because of it showing the Avatars with Gears of War stuff... as Microsoft won't let anything done with the Avatars other than G rated activities this would cause unnecessary banter.

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