Valkyria Chronicles 2 Is A PSP Game

Valkyria Chronicles was a PS3 game. Valkyria Chronicles 2 is not. It's a PSP game, and here is its localised title: Valkyria Chronicles 2: The Gaul Royal Military Academy.

Announced in the newest issue of Japanese game magazine Famitsu, the game is set in 1937, two years after the first game. Cadets from the Gaul Royal Military Academy are sent to suppress an insurrection in the southern part of in-game country Gaul.

The game's central concept is contrasting the world of the military academy with war. Valkyria Chronicles 2 is due out this winter in Japan.

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    I guess that's what underwhelming sales will do. Pity, but it'll be good to have yet another game for my future pspGo

    i kinda reckon VC on the PS3 coulda been on the PSP too...

    otherthing looking great it is kinda basic.

    WOWWWWW. Valkyria Chronicles 2 announced?? Great news! Fantastic game gets sequel

    And over half a million in sales can't be considered 'underwhelming' in sales. It was a sleeper hit. And therefore doesn't get ported to PSP because and which should not be seen as an inferior console, handheld never the less.

    Damn Sony spreading sequels from PS3 to PSP! I adore the game but after selling my PSP last year and leave my DSi for handheld gaming I never thought that I'd regret it for a sequel that should be on the PS3

    I absolutely loved the original, but this... Anime art? High school setting? From PS3 to PSP? I'm really... Not excited about this.

      Well it's actually an anime still airing atm, moved into it's second season (episode 15 came out last week I believe), I'm sure the developers would rather cash in on that, than the fans of it's old style which only sold it half a million copies! :P

        The anime is also absolutely terrible.

    Im very greatfull that the game is getting a sequel, especally after its less than excellent sales figures (they weren't poor, but they could have been much better), i was kinda hoping for a return to the ps3, still, a sequel is better than nothing.

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