Video Games Used As Shorthand In New Movie Trailers

Making a trailer for a major motion picture and needing to show that John Cusack's fictional son is a bit detached? Need to show that Vince Vaughn is partying hard? Show video games.

While sped-up sunsets, crowd scenes in Manhattan and the destruction of the White House are all common elements of Hollywood trailers, video games don't show up in them that often.

Not this summer, though, as we're approaching trifecta trend status.

As of today, Kotaku believes there are two in-rotation major Hollywood trailers depicting the use of video games.

Atop this post you see a still from the trailer for Couples Retreat, an October comedy about four couples who go to a Club Med style place to rekindle their relationships. The trailer includes such visual hallmarks as a bouncing car (see: wild sex), a bare-chested, buff man slowly emerging from the water (see: temporary comedic threat to marriage) and... Guitar Hero (see: partying hard).

The other trailer is for 2012, another movie about the end of the world from the creator of Independence Day and the Day After Tomorrow. This one has crashing planes (see: disaster strikes), huge waves (see: more disaster strikes), crashing planes caught in huge waves (see: lots and lots of disaster) and it has a boy playing the PSP (see: adolescent detachment).

Note that the year is supposedly 2012 and this kid is not playing a PSPGo, suggesting a disaster of an altogether different kind.


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