"Violent Video Games" Threaten NY Chuck E Cheese's

A New York state Chuck E. Cheese's is on the verge of losing its game room licence because town officials think the video games at the location are too violent.

Amherst town officials failed to approve a game licence for the local Chuck E. Cheese's. The game room licence is necessary for the business to legally run its arcade games.

The decision to not approve the licence came after one of the town board members told the board that police officers had told him old him that the Chuck E. Cheese's was one of their top trouble spots.

Council Member Shelly Schratz said she was disturbed by several "action-packed shoot-and-kill games" that were accessible to children as young as 4.

"When I see 6-year-olds, 8-year-olds playing those games, when all the time we're opening the paper and seeing those stories on youth violence, do we need those games to make money?" she said.

Other board members didn't agree:

Supervisor Satish Mohan and Council Members Mark Manna and Barry Weinstein voted in favour of the game room licence. Manna was particularly vocal about the resolution's defeat.

"By what moral authority does Shelly Schratz have to go into a business and say what you have is not age-appropriate?" he said. "It's clearly Shelly sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong. I've never seen games [there]that are gory or explicit. There is more violence in a Bugs Bunny cartoon."

While it may sound like a tempest in a pizza box, the story does raise some interesting points about video game arcade ratings and government intervention.

Most of the arcades I've visited recently have ratings on the games, which always surprises me, but seems like a good idea.

Chuck E. Cheese's stirs controversy in Amherst [Buffalo News, thanks Brandon]


    “When I see 6-year-olds, 8-year-olds playing those games, when all the time we’re opening the paper and seeing those stories on youth violence"

    How the hell did she become a 'council member'?

    Oh, violent video games are clearly linked to youth violence. And stories in the paper are 100% accurate and not bias at all!

    Violent video games are like black/gay people. It's seen as the scourge of the world but over time more and more people begin to realize that there is nothing actually wrong with it. Though there will always be ignorant poeple that refuse to believe that stuff like this isn't actually that evil, it's people like her in powerful positions that annoy me.

    Good to see the others have a more clearer view.

    When you see a 6 to 8 years old playing T-rated games, you walk up to them and tell them to stop even if they're not your own kids. It's only decent that way. Do you tell a random kid running around with a knife to stop? Yeah, this is the same. It's common sense, not the realm of laws.

    By the way--Chuck E Cheese is a hot spot for violent crimes? I want to see the stats, not the "someone told me that someone told them" information.

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