Watch Some Guy Play Gran Turismo PSP For Two Minutes

Yes, watch as somebody from Spanish site Fase Extra puts Gran Turismo PSP through its paces for a few minutes, menu screens and all.

It's actually looking quite good! I think the downgraded graphics and d-pad input brings us back to a time when Gran Turismo meant "enjoyable racing sim", not "soulless shrine to tedious auto-erotica".

Probamos la nueva PSP Go con el Gran Turismo y el Little Big Planet [Fase Extra, via VG247]


    that set of corners starting at 1.10 use to give me massive headaches.

    Only 4 cars in a race?
    I think I'll wait for GT5 on PS3.

    I played it a few weeks ago - and it was pure bliss. I had a quick race around Deep Forest, the classic PS1 track, and felt right at home.

    PSP owners are in for a real treat when this rolls around on Oct 1.

    "soulless shrine to tedious auto erotica"? Bah!

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