We Didn't Have Achievements Back In The Day

But if we did, posits Gamespy's Brian Altano - in this nostalgic and disarmingly sweet take on growing up with games - they might have looked a little like these.

The part about bringing games to school is especially true. I think the only time I've ever read a game's instruction manual was in study hall.

Old-School Gamer, New-School Achievements [GameSpy]


    Only time i've actually read the manual properly, like pretty much page for page. Was on a plane & the only thing i had to read or do. And that was Halo 2 i think.

    Other than that, i usually flick through. Find the controls page, get a quick idea for controls if its new IP - then i'm sitting their trying to figure them out properly when i play it.

    I do read the GTA ones. But their not really manuals.

    True, I used to read game manuals at school. I also used to have a Maxis catalog that I LOVED looking through for some reason, when I was about 10 or so.

    I remember my friends Battletech & Mechwarrior manuals doing the rounds in the playground, the background story and everything was just fantastic in them.

    hahah my mum is the worst for moving her arms up in the air whenever she jumps whilst playing mario. Ace stuff!

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