What Are You Playing This Weekend?

sam-and-max-artWell, I'm glad you asked! Having just bought Sam & Max Save The World via Xbox Live Arcade, I'm down for some old-school adventuring. You?

Despite being a huge fan of the classic LucasArts adventures - indeed, I recall my gushing reviews of the likes of Day of the Tentacle and the original Sam & Max back in the early 90s - it wasn't until this week that I found myself tempted to check out Telltale Games' efforts at reinvigorating the genre.

I downloaded the XBLA release of Wallace & Gromit on Thursday night and immediately felt a nostalgic warmth wash over. From the expressive character animation to the witty banter to the appropriately absurdist puzzles, Telltale has done a wonderful job.

I hear Sam & Max is even better, so I grabbed the whole season and can't wait to rekindle my old friendship with the dopey dog and homicidal rabbit.

What have you decided to play this weekend?


    I wish that Sam and Max came out before Wallace and Gromit, because the point and click stuff is pretty dated compared to the awesome new control scheme.

    I played through the demo S&M and most of the time was spent being stuck because I hadn't highlighted certain pixels with the pointer. W&G lets you spend your time solving the puzzles.

    The missus will be playing Wallace and Gromit being a big fan of the TV series. That and Peggle.

    If I can get some time on the Xbox I'll be pandering to my pugilistic pursuits and playing Fight Night Round 4.

    im going back to when games really were good this weekend... cracked the saturn for some dragon force and the psx for bushido blade and in excitement of the new one coming out soon vandal hearts

    I will be playing some Australian Rules and then whatever my bruised and battered body will allow. Possibly a game that is operated by eye movement. Natal can you do that?

    I'm contemplating getting the Fable II DLC that's on special but I know I'd chew through it pretty quickly when I have so much else to play.

    Yet to start MadWord but... more Red Faction Guerilla will probably take place :)

    Have my house to myself for 10 days, have 8 mates coming over this afternoon. UFC, fight night, fifa 09 and immense amount of beer before we go out and annoy the lady folk.

    The way we play fifa 09, I expect some noise complaints from the neighbours.

    I've been building my library with games I missed at release, picking them up cheap, so this weekend splinter cell DA and Dirt will be getting a flogging.

    Fight Night Round 4. Will be smashing everyone with The Man!

    Finally picked up Burnout: Paradise so I'm going through that; loads of fun

    Might mix it up a bit with some FFVII, TF2 and maybe start another PS2 game I haven't even touched yet

    Bought Fallout 3 at the Steam special price so I guess I will be kept busy for the next 6 or so WAYPTW posts.

    Tales of Vesperia.
    Goodbye weekend and any chance of sleeping.

    Getting through the last part of Infamous, really loving this game. Will be moving onto protoype next.

    Grabbed an old GTA collectors edition. So I'm going to be playing GTA1, london, and GTA2 on my ps3. Reliving some of my violent childhood.

    These old ones are so much harder than the 3D ones!

    Playing Crackdown, which I bought for like $15 from EB's sale. Quite fun leaping around the city as an overpowered super-cop.

    Good question... finished Ghostbusters the other day, and still have a few missions of Prototype. Tales of Vesperia's first few hours are awesome, but it reeks of commitment. God, I don't know...

    *loads up Red Faction: Guerilla*

    Playing Rock Band (guitar but no drums...yet) this weekend followed by Tales of Monkey Island (Telltale) on the 7th July - already pre-ordered the season. Really wish they'd just go 2D instead, much more charm and less ugly visuals

    Killzone 2 (finally), Halo 3, Gears 2 and maybe a few other things.

    I spent a few hours playing TF2 last night, drunk. Drinking beer is always a good way to spice up a game you've already exhausted.

    Tonight I played COD World at War for 15 minutes, before I realised every mission is the same as the last. Cliche plot progression > shoot storming pack of enemies > boobie trap > shoot more enemies. Repeat.

    Then I played Worms 2 for 15 minutes. It's just not as fun as it used to be when I was 15.

    I ended up playing the BIGS 2 demo for hours... man that game is fun.

    I would have been playing SFIV with my HRAP3, but it doesn't 'unlock' on Steam for a few days yet.

    Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite. Who'd have thunk of the Gun Lance? Let alone loading the thing, shooting massive boar-like creatures with it and then skinning them? Madness! Camera sucks though.... I'll also get some Killzone 2 MP in if at all possible

    I am playing 'trying not to get rolled on a CityRail train'. It is not a fun game.

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