What Are You Playing This Weekend?

arma-ii-screen-03Military games rarely manage to generate much enthusiasm in this gamer. But there's something about ArmA II that's urging me to give it a chance.

Perhaps it's my predilection for non-linear and open world games. Operation Flashpoint always intrigued me, though I never did get around to playing it. ArmA II has a reputation as the anti-Call of Duty and that's definitely something I can appreciate. We'll see how I go.

I'll also be continuing my adventures with Shadow Complex and popping back into Fallout 3, where I've finally made it to the Pitt.

How about you? What's on your gaming agenda this weekend?


    I picked up X3 the reunion the other day (100 times better then X2). Then some old school mecha action with Heavy Gear 2.

    Still waiting for pay day so as to pick up Prototype but in the meantime I'm getting into battlefield 1943 on the Ps3.

    Splitting my time amongst cod4, gta4 and half life 2 on pc and finishing ico on ps

    Personally I've been playing a touch of Anno 1404, and Resistance 2 online.
    My house mate is foaming because he finally has a stable internet connection so we have both been playing a bit of Halo 3 and GH:WT online. Good times.

    Once more scenarios/mods are available for ArmA II i'll definitly reckon i'll enjoy it more, just at the moment i dont have the patience to construct my own scenarios.
    But the game does look gorgeous.

    I picked up two copies of Saints Row 2 PS3 the other day, co-op with my brother. Must say im loving the game, dont know why I passed it over on release.
    Seems to be so much to do.

    Also, when are the Thursday (and Friday) Cities XL winners announced?

    Arma II won't run on my PC. Neither will the The Secret of Monkey Island special edition. Sooo... guess I'll be playin it on the Xbox :I

    Properly continue playing ArmA 1

    Aion Beta =)

    I'd like to think I'll be getting in some BF1943 and possibly getting further in to my 2nd play through of InFAMOUS but I feel the call of the WoW.

    I'm nearly finished Broken Steel on the 'box, which would mean my weekend is free to explore Point Lookout and the Pitt... But I'm also on the cusp of dinging level 40 in Warhammer Online, which has taken me since launch, since I'm never very committed to MMORPGs.

    And with Mythic reporting that 1.8 billion dollar loss this year, I still have a lot of content to explore before they go bust.

    Wii Punch out

    Its so much fun!

    and a bit of 1943

    Playing some Horde mode in Gears 2 to earn some Multi XP.

    Fallout 3
    Company of Heroes
    Battlefield 2142 (scrim)

    and maybe

    L4D and TF2

    I got Guild Wars GOTY edition today from EB for 20 bucks, its ok, not really as good as people have said. I really like the individual server type thing

    I'll be playing an imported US copy of BlazBlue.


    Geez i only got up to, making it out of the vault. The game is way too expensive to purchase and i'm gonna keep hiring it. From what i've seen & the small moments i played, i loved Fallout.

    I'm so confused about what the game is ALL about though & the different from the first two.

    One day, i'll get into it. When the price comes down maybe. I mean even JB have it priced at $115 and i thought EB were the only rip-offs.

    Just popping my head up quickly to say that I shall continue playing Fallout 3 for the rest of the weekend. Sorted out the majority of my problems in running it on Windows 7 it seems (fingers crossed) and it has gobbled up most of my time at home.

    I know it has infected my head when on the walk to work today I saw a wardrobe somebody had thrown out and for a split second wanted to search it for ammo.

    Wii Sports Resort.
    <3 advanced copies. Thanks Nintendo.

    I just knocked over The Pitt last night actually. Very cool piece of DLC. Loved the vibe of the whole place. Finally found all of those damn ingots too....

    Now on to Broken Steel..and almost level 30. Huzzah.

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